The Library of Mathematics and Computer Science

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The library is open for home loan from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Ploieşti Street no. 23-25, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Associate Professor Petruşel Gabriela
Groza Marcela
Juhasz Julia
Drăgan Ildiko

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The Library of Mathematics came into being in 1920 under the name of “the Seminar of Mathematics”, subordinate to the Faculty of Mathematics of the King Ferdinand University. Later, it became a branch of the Central University Library of Cluj, as it still is today.

The library primarily serves the students of our faculty, but it also frequented by the students of the Technical University. As the best library of mathematics in Transylvania, its services are used by the mathematicians and the computer scientists of all the universities of Cluj, by the researchers from the Academy’s Institute of Numerical Analysis, as well as by all the professors and researchers from other university centers (Sibiu, Oradea, Baia Mare, Braşov, Arad), some of whom are doctoral students of our faculty.

Furthermore, in our library, the teaching staff of the undergraduate education system can find numerous reference materials, which are essential for the improvement of their work.


The Library of Mathematics and Computer Science (L.F.M.C.) has two different sections: a section of books and a section of periodicals. The library collection compiles 87348 volumes, out of which:

  • 58526 books
  • 28822 periodicals with over 500 titles

Special publications:

The library owns certain rare volumes, beginning with first editions, as are, for instance:

  • Mathematische Annalen, Vol. 1 (1869),
  • Mathematische Zeitschrifcht Vol. 1 (1918),
  • Jahrbuch uber die Fortschritte der Mathematik,
  • Vol. 1 (1868), Annales Scientifiques de l'Ecole Normale Superieure, din 1883,
  • Journal de Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees din 1878.


New acquisitions, Donations 2017/2018

Famous mathematicians and their publications (1715-1955)

The 3500 scanned catalogue cards represent a selection from the collection of old books from the Lucian Blaga Central University Library, from the Mathematics and Computer Science branch, covering the period between 1715-1955. The database created for this purpose allows the user to find publications by searching for authors, fields and publication types. Their loan can be made according to their call numbers written on the scanned catalogue cards, in the upper right corners.

The list of AUTHORS contains the names of the authors, the time period in which they lived and their nationalities. The list of FIELDS contains the scholarly fields of the publications which compile the database.

The database can be accessed HERE


Marcela Groza and Ildiko Drăgan, librarians

Mihai Nechita, Master’s student of Applied Mathematics, Programming