References via email

Types of inquiries that can be answered:

In accordance with the reference collections, internet resources and the library’s scientific resources, the following will be addressed:

  • Simple inquiries that require a concise answer
  • Requests for information regarding the means of obtaining the bibliography necessary for a research project
  • Requests that demand bibliographic research, but do not imply deeper knowledge in a certain field 

Requests that imply a deeply specialised documentation will not be answered, the task depending on the competence of the specialised libraries. We will also not answer questions that do not thematically fit the area of information services specific to a university library. 

For filing a request, please access Ask a librarian.

For documentation that requires deep bibliographic research, our library offers the bibliography request service.

* Inquiries that require concise answers, received from Monday to Friday will be addressed in 24 hours. Inquiries received from Friday to Sunday will be addressed the following Tuesday.