Extending the Loaning Period for Publications

NEW! The users can benefit by two 5-day extensions for the loaning periods, acquired in two ways: one extension can be made by the user (online, via e-mail, telephone or directly) and the other is made only by the librarian (via e-mail, telephone or directly). In both cases, for a correct identification of the user, the library BARCODE is needed!



  • The loan must not have already exceeded the loaning period;
  • The users must not have backlogs in the library (publications or money);
  • There must be no previous reservation for the respective publication.


Means of extending the loaning period for:

  • The Central Library:
    • Via telephone: 0264-597092 interior 112 (the card BARCODE will be mentioned);
    • Via e-mail: imprumut[at]bcucluj.ro (the card BARCODE will be mentioned);
    • Online, according to the procedure;
    • In person, at the Library Loan department
  • Branch libraries: