Confidentiality Policy

1. Contact information

This website (further known as CUL) is administered by the Central University Library, a Romanian entity which can be contacted through the following address:

CUI: 5105695
Address: Str. Clinicilor, Nr. 2, Cluj-Napoca, Jud. Cluj România
Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County, Romania

2. General information

The document you are presently browsing is in fact one of the ways in which we wish to show you that your trust in not unilateral, but that we also take all the necessary actions to make your visit to our website pleasant and without unanticipated consequences.

For any questions regarding the terms used in this document or regarding any problems concerning the way in which we keep the confidentiality of your information, please contact us through the following email address:

3. What kind of information do we gather from you?

CUL gathers information from its users through the following means: directly from the user, through the traffic reports recorded by the servers that host the CUL website, as well as through cookies. 

Information provided directly by the user

In some situations we may ask for your name, email address and we may require other personal information. The more information you voluntarily provide, the better we can personalize the information we will offer on your next visit. 

Information from server traffic reports

Whenever you visit a website, you unveil certain information about yourself, such as your IP address, the time of your visit, the place from which you accessed our website. CUL, like other operators, registers this information. 


In order to offer personalized services to our users, CUL may use cookies in order to facilitate the storage and tracking of your preferences. The cookies are displayed as “txt.” documents, offered to your browser by a web server and stored on your computer’s hard-disk. The usage of cookies is a current standard on many of the important websites that you browse. The majority of browsers are set to accept cookies. But if you prefer you can reset your browser to notify you every time you receive a cookie, or even to refuse cookies. You must know that some of our website’s sections cannot be viewed properly if your browser was set to reject cookies. 

You must also know that every time you voluntarily reveal personal information in the online media, such as online forums, email, FTP, social media groups, chat services, your information can easily be collected and used by unauthorized people. Although CUL does everything in its power to protect your personal information, it cannot ensure or guarantee the security of any type of information you offer us, in which case transmitting the information through inadequate fields is done at your own risk. 

4. How and when the information is used

CUL uses the information gathered in many ways, according to each type of information:

  • Information directly provided by the user: this information is used only with the purpose of personalizing the services that we offer you.
  • Information gathered through the traffic reports from the CUL server: this type of information helps us identify which sections of our website mostly represent our users’ interest. CUL also gathers its users’ IP addresses in order to safely manage our system and in order to avoid criminal activities.
  • Information gathered through cookies: CUL uses cookies in order to allow you to productively use our services and in order to obtain statistical information that would allow the improvement of our services.

5. How we protect the information gathered from you

The protection and confidentiality of the information gathered from you are of vital importance to us. CUL does not offer the information to any third party without your beforehand direct consent.

Unfortunately, no data transfer via internet can be guaranteed to be 100% safe. Therefore, in spite of our efforts to protect your personal information, CUL cannot ensure or guarantee the safety of the information provided to us, to and from our online services or products. Thus, we must warn you that any information is transmitted to us at your own risk. 

On the other hand,when we receive the information you transmitted we guarantee that we will make all the efforts to ensure their security within our systems, according to the security standards imposed by the active Romanian laws. 

6. Who has access to your information

With the exception of the situations presented above, CUL will not unveil any personally identifiable information about the users to any third party without firstly receiving the direct consent of the user in this regard. 

At the same time, CUL may unveil personally identifiable information when the law explicitly states this fact, or when this is a necessary action to protect the rights and interests of CUL. 

In conclusion, when you access the CUL website and are required to provide personal information, you will provide this information only to CUL. In case different links present on the website will redirect you to other websites, you must understand that the certain website may have different confidentiality policies for gathering information. 

CUL has no control and cannot guarantee all juridical aspects that are implied by the use of these independent confidentiality practices. 

Thank you.
The CUL staff