Internal and international interlibrary loan

Internal interlibrary loan

Loaning conditions:

  • Presenting the library card
  • Filling out a form with the necessary information
  • The publications received through the interlibrary loan are consulted only in the Reference Room and/or in the “Adrian Marino” Room
  • Fees


  • In the case of a large number of solicited publications, the submitting library may levy shipping fees
Publication description
Personal details

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The data from this form will be sent to out team via email and stored as a proof of the correspondance with you. The data will not be stored on the website.

International interlibrary loan

  • Fees
  • The submitting library may levy fees under the form of bills or by requesting “International reply coupons” or “IFLA international vouchers”.
  • “International reply coupons” can be purchased from the Romanian Post Office
  • Information regarding the purchase of the “IFLA international vouchers” can be obtained on the following website:
  • The value of an “IFLA international voucher” for loaning a document is 8 Euros.