Public Information



Prescriptive act:

Person responsible for receiving requests:

Alexandra Andor
Tel.  +40 264 597092 / 104

List of documents produced/managed by the institution:

  • Register of movement of the fund

  • Inventory book for different types of publications

  • Catalog sheet (alphabetical, systematic, geographical, chronological catalogue, etc.)

  • Records of bibliographical and documentary information works

  • Bibliographies, bibliographical lists, bibliographical records

  • Minutes on the verification (inventory) of the publication fund

  • Acts relating to donations of publications from institutions or private individuals. Acts on the transfer of publications

  • Minutes of entry and removal of publications

  • Minutes of the scrapping of publications

  • Specification on the order note. Subscription

  • Record sheet for the exchange of domestic and international publications

  • Accompanying borders for publications handed over to warehouses and/or dispatched domestically and internationally

  • Teaching minutes – taking over publications from filial libraries

  • Situation with the annual value of the management of subsidiary libraries

  • Library Enrollment Card

  • Statistical

Annual reports on the application of Law No. 544/2001: