The Library of Sociology and Social Work

Biblioteca de Sociologie şi asistenţă socială
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21st December Boulevard no. 128-130, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


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Bán Ildikó
Daniela Matiș
Mădălina Radu

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The Library of Sociology and Social Work is part of the network of branch libraries of the Lucian Blaga Central University Library. It has functioned within the faculty building since 2004, when the Library of Philosophy was divided into two separate libraries: The Library of Sociology and Social Work and the Library of Philosophy.

The collections were initially compiled through the massive transfers from the Library of Philosophy and they were later enriched through purchases, international exchange, donations made by the teaching staff, as well as through the numerous volumes acquired through grants.

The library has a reading room of 24 seats, connected by the librarian’s office to a publication repository.

The fields covered by the publications are as follows: sociology, demography, mass-media, advertising, social work, psychology, gender studies, social psychology, drug use, violence, child protection, adoption, education, anthropology, statistics etc.


  • Books: approx. 9500 volumes;
  • Periodicals: approx. 1000 volumes (150 titles).

Special publications:

  • Encyclopedia of Social Work
  • Companion Encyclopedia of Anthropology
  • Studia Censualia Transsilvanica (the complete series)
  • The Statistical Yearbook of Romania