The Library of Physical Education

The Library of Physical Education
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Pandurilor Street no. 7, Cluj-Napoca, Romania




Melinda Bodor

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The Library of Physical Education functions in its current form since 1999 and it is located within the Iuliu Hațieganu Sports Park. Organised in a modern setting, following the free access to the shelves system, with electronic surveillance and anti-theft systems, the library answers the needs from the fields of physiotherapy, physical education and sports.

The organization of the 7700 volumes on the shelves is represented by the systematic criteria made of stickers of different colours and, within the same field, the publications follow the chronological order. The collections of publications contain both Romanian and foreign scholarly journals.

The readers have access to the CUL databases and to the databases of other libraries, from Romania and from abroad, via the internet.


  • Books: 8132 volumes
  • Periodicals: 294 volumes

Special publications:

The encyclopaedia of physical education and sports in Romania, Bucharest, Aramis, 2002

  • Vol. 1. National federations: History, retrospective in images and figures
  • Vol. 2. Important figures: International relations. The golden book
  • Vol. 3. Legislation. Organizational structures. Theoretical and applicative original accomplishments. Mass media. Material basis
  • Vol. 4. Descriptive and explicative dictionary of notions and terms

The library’s own databases:

The locally accessible database, in the ProCite operational program, containing the descriptions of all the volumes in the library

The bibliography of subjects – Master’s degree level

The bibliography of subjects – Undergraduate level