The Library of Orthodox Theology

Biblioteca de Teologie ortodoxă
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The Nicolae Ivan Orthodox Theological University Campus

The Faculty of Orthodox Theology
Marasti District, Bishop Nicolae Ivan Street, f.n.




Angela-Rodica Baciu
Diana Pop

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Since 1992, the Library of Orthodox Theology has been a branch of the Lucian Blaga Central University Library of Cluj-Napoca and it is located within the Nicolae Ivan Orthodox Theological Campus building. The first collections were acquired through the restitutions of the publications that belonged to the old library f the Theological Academy that had been disbanded in 1952; the restitution was made towards the Library of the Orthodox Archbishopric of Cluj, as well as through other private donations.

The fields covered by the publications are as follows: theology, philosophy, Romanian language and literature, world literature.


  • Books: 6954 titles
  • Periodicals: 630 volumes

The library’s own databases:

  • The scientific activities of the faculty, 1998-2007
  • Index of the “Theological Magazine”