The Library of Greek-Catholic Theology Oradea

Biblioteca de Teologie greco-catolică Oradea
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Traian Park Street no. 20, Oradea, Romania


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The library was founded together with the Clerical Seminar and the Academy of Theology of the Romanian Diocese United with Rome in Oradea in 1924. Together with the reopening of the Greek-Catholic Theological Institute in 1991, the library resumed its activities. Since 1998, it has been part of the Lucian Blaga Central University library as one of its branches.

A large part of the book collection was compiled through the donations made by the Greek-Catholic Bishopric of Oradea. Starting with 1998, the collections have been further enriched through the acquisitions made by the Lucian Blaga Central University Library and the Greek-CATHOLIC Bishopric of Oradea.

The fields covered by the publications: theology, philosophy, history, Romanian language and literature, world literature.


  • Books: 22.000 volumes
  • Periodicals: 118 titles

The publications are organized in the free access to the shelves system in the 32-seat reading room.

The library’s own databases:

A certain number of the publications can be found in a bibliographic database.