Konferenciaterem bérlés

“Ion Mușlea” Conference Room

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E-mail: secretariat[at]bcucluj.ro

Fee: 200 de lei/ hour 

Exception: book releases, scientific conferences and seminaries held by NGOs*

* Scientific conferences and seminaries that use commercial posters or banners will pay 50 % of the standard fee.

The fees can be paid at the Institution Pay Office (Accounting, CUL Cluj central building), or in one of the following accounts: 

  • Currency: lei. Account opened at the Cluj County Treasury, foscal code 5105695, IBAN: RO34TREZ21620E335000XXXX.
  • Currency: Euro. Account opened at the BCR – Cluj branch bank, Baritiu Street, no. 10-12, account: 2511.A01.0.2661195.0.106.EUR.3, SWIFT: RNCBROBU, IBAN: RO31RNCB0106026611950003
  • Currency: USD. Account opened at the CR – Cluj branch bank, Baritiu Street, no. 10-12, account: 2511.A01.0.2661195.0.106. USD2, IBAN: RO58RNCB0106026611950002